Kindle for PC: Bah!

What a frustrating hour. I bought a couple of books on game design last night. the file formats are .mobi and .epub. I have used Calibre and Kindle for PC to read these files. I preferred the latter, because I could also download content from my Kindle.

That was then, this is now. For reasons known only to gremlins and software engineers, Kindle for PC will not launch. It's a thing, apparently. I tried to use the older version from BTGR (Before the Great Reset) and that won't launch, either.

Don't you hate when you pour a bowl of cereal, slice the banana, get your toast buttered and...when you go for the milk, you take a whiff and it's gone sour? Well, having two books on deck with no way to read them sucks, too!

Of course, I could email the .mobi to one of my Kindles. I could convert the .epub to .mobi, using Calibre. I could run a marathon, too, if I was willing to do all the work required! This is the opposite of a digital diet. Honestly, I should have checked the status of Kindle for PC before buying those books, but who does that?

The whole business of emailing file to my Kindle is just wonky. Once the file is delivered, it does not just "show up" in my library. Unless things have changed, I have to open a file explorer, navigate to the Kindle's special folder and, finally, click the document.

That was the whole reason for getting Kindle for PC in the first place! 

I am going to install Calibre. Wish me luck.

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