Importing Merged Notes From Evernote

[To distinguish pasted content from my rambling, all rambling is italicized.]

With less than nine months to complete the export from Evernote to Standard Notes, I figured I'd better start trying to hack that 50 note limitation!

With over 4700 notes still remaining, I decided to see how merged notes look when exported. I've always liked merged notes for several reasons:

  • A great way to archive a closed project
  • A stylish format with clear delineations between notes
  • The opportunity to compile a "story" in a specific order (notes are merged in the order selected)

The new version of Evernote kinda messed up the display format. Maybe it has to do with the dark mode theme.

Hmmm, when I paste one of them here, it doesn't look too bad!

Redirects and AutoHotKey shortcuts

Basically, the AutoHotKey shortcut is the # sign followed by the redirect keyword (sometimes a shorter version is used)
Keep in alphabetical order (Books FIRST)

The actual exported note that I created from nine notes looks nice in Standard Notes. Much different from the pasted version, though!


The tags in this category are so general, yet so useful, they need a central category to catalog them

webmap was added in February, 2017 to finally consolidate all notes regarding my web assets.

archive was added in April, 2017 to tag obsolete, but still interesting notes (saved Search: archive)


The tags in this notebook are designed to be very efficient.

Bottom line: I'll be merging a ton of notes! One big plus to merging notes is the chance to delete all the tags. I made a mess of things in Evernote and don't wish to propagate that.

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