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One of the joys of finding products by startups and solopreneurs is the opportunity to directly impact future development. Over the years, I have developed relationships with WordPress plugin authors, DonationCoder developers, Excel developers (not Microsoft, just "little guys" making add-ins and custom utilities), half a dozen specialize utility developers and even an InDesign add-on creator!

If you've ever been a beta tester, you know what I'm talking about. Nowadays, I'm more likely to interact with developers on Slack but, email is still the primary medium for LOL

Here is a nice reply from Alex, a member of Workona's support team:

Hi Mitchell,

Thank you for the video! I'll talk to the product team as to why it says "unsaved tabs," but it seems like it's working as expected. You should be able to still restore those tabs using the restore modal if you wish to. Also, it seems like clicking the "i" simply undo's the action - I'll be sure to mention this to the product team. 

As for your other email, that is very strange. Our product team is finishing a big update, but they will look into this as soon as that's released. We're very sorry for the issue in the meantime. 

Best regards,

Alex Young

I'm working really hard to integrate Workona into my daily browser habits. It's nice to know that the developers are hard at work, too.

Meanwhile, The Slack community for Standard Notes continues to be a great resource. I'm flexing long-unused CSS muscles to change the way the blog looks. Also, the custom domain was approved quickly! I finally get to use the domain that has been dormant for years.

Way back in the day, I used it to host a Tiddlywiki. That platform, a self-contained Javascript-based HTML file, is still going strong.

It's a bit like Evernote and Standard Notes, come to think of it. These days, I'll take the simpler path. I'm not saying Standard Notes is better than TiddlyWiki. I just think it is more approachable, out of the box.

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