Evernote Rollback

After a good night's sleep, I woke up with a burning sensation. Ha-ha, not that one. I wanted to know how to download older version of Evernote. A nifty video came up on a Bing search results page:

How to Revert Back to the Old Evernote - Downgrading from Version 10 (Latest 2020 Evernote)

In less than 90 seconds, Amy shows the speed difference between Evernote version 10 and legacy Evernote version 6. She provides the download link in the description, in case you're interested. (If you are interested, better get it fast, as it is only available temporarily, while the fine folks at Evernote try to fix their broken ship.)

I am glad I thought to look for this, before reinstalling Evernote. The conversion to Standard Notes will be less painful.

  • Legacy allows me to select waaaay more than 50 notes (I was able to select 212!)
  • Faster response
  • Old, familiar interface

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