Passage of the Week

I don't plan to make this a thing because then, it would become a chore. One of the coolest things I've read this week comes from David Weliver, of

I could give you 800 pages on the mechanics of personal finance— how to budget, pinch pennies, use snowball techniques to pay down debt, and perfectly allocate your retirement portfolio for age and risk tolerance.

Most of you wouldn’t read it.

Why would you? That stuff’s boring as hell.

Let’s face it, some of you would read it and continue your existing financial behavior; just because I read Men’s Health doesn’t mean I have 8% body fat and six-pack abs. (Don’t you wish it were that easy!?)

The harsh reality is, maybe 5% of you would apply some of it successfully, at least for a little while, just like I hit the gym for a few days a week on and off all year, but have yet to put in the truly grueling work it takes to truly shed my love handles. 

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