Workona vs Pinned Tabs

Since this is not a review post, here is the tl;dr (411):

Workona wins!

Workona has workspaces, within which I can save tabs as well as bookmarks called resources. Whenever I switch to a different workspace, the open tabs are swapped out with whatever tabs I had open the last time I viewed the workspace. That's nice and all, but I have a few tabs that I would like to be available at all times.

This goes against the core philosophy of Workona, which aims to enhance focus by removing distractions. So, my workaround has been to pin the tabs to Edge! Yay.

That's fine until the pin tabs are forgotten. Googlezens have complained loudly, so I know it's not just me. In an effort to preserve the tabs, I created a Workona wokspace call Pinned Tabs. This workspace has one resource that contains the dozen or so tabs I might want to open and repin.

Guess what? That's a pain! It's faster to distribute the pins to relevant workspaces and simply switch to them when I need to. There is the risk of forgetting to check a site, though. The solution to that is simple. If it is important, I can just type the first few letters of the site and autocomplete will get me there.


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