Crumbling Cookies

I use a service that helps me keep my websites GDPR-compliant. In early October, 2021, the service alerted me to changes in the GDPR that mandated logging cookie consent.

Remember Sarbanes-Oxley? I'm sure the financial institutions have come to grips with it but, when it first came out, businesses complained that it was too onerous.

Well, this latest GDPR requirement seems entirely too onerous! Obviously, I'm not set up to do my own logging, otherwise, I wouldn't be writing this. The issue, for me, is that this new mandate would incur a monthly fee from my service provider.

While the fee is an inexpensive insurance against fines, I'm looking at this whole GDPR compliance issue as an unnecessary drain on my wallet. Naturally, I asked, "What if I didn't use any cookies?"

Well, I would be in compliance, that's what! I hunted around to see if anyone had tried running a website without cookies. After all, web pages predates cookies! Here's what I found: Scott Cole ran his website without cookies and shared the impact of this decision in a followup post.

I am encouraged by this impact statement. Bottom line: most WordPress plug-ins don't set cookies. If I delete the few that do, then I should be cookie free!

The Digital Diet continues...

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