Note to self - Getting Started with Johnny.Decimal

You can ignore this post, unless you are interested in learning about Johnny.Decimal.

I posted in the Johnny.Decimal forum, sharing my intention to use TiddlyWiki for my JD Index. [update: I decided to use this app, instead]

A JD Index is a vital component of the Johnny.Decimal system. With it, you are able to track your numbers, which means that you'll always know the next available number in each AC (Area / Category)

Here is part of the thread, where I expanded on pre-pending the AC.ID to each file:

Thanks for the clarification. I do have several use cases under consideration:

  • Bulk renaming of files so that the renaming tool or another utility can move them into proper folders
  • Auto-renaming and moving downloaded files
  • Global search

I use Windows 10, along with a handful of tools to easily locate, store and rename files. I blame them them for my current mess, LOL. However, they also can be used to fix things.

Bulk Rename Utility, from will help with the initial categorization of files. I can move files with BRU or leave them where they are.

File Juggler, from, will scan a folder, such as Downloads, and act on targeted files.

Everything, from can help me find files, but only if I know part of the name (searching by file content is supported, but slow.) This is particularly helpful when I decide to leave renamed files in the current locations (Dropbox, external hard drive, etc.)

While I agree that it would be onerous to rename every file, I can at least get everything organized with prefixes. Going forward, I may find no need to continue adding prefixes. (I could even run BRU afterward and remove all prefixes from files that have been moved into JD folders.)

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