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I need a new sticky note application. Globonote is great, but... [note, I found a solution!!]

Warning! If you have multiple displays, Globonote might not be for you.

At first, I loved Globonote. It replaced my physical Post-it notes with little windows. I used it for everything from reminders, to-do's and blog post notes to webinar notes and my ever-changing Johnny Decimal Index.

Every once in a while, Windows 10 forgets that I have two displays. Or it switches them. When this happens, application windows go "off-screen" because my laptop screen is not as wide as my ViewSonic monitor.

After I fix the displays, normal application windows are visible again but not Globonotes. I don't know how to get them back on-screen. Luckily, I can preview them in the Note Manager, but it's time to get a "windowed" application for my notes.

I will miss Globonote but, besides the off-screen problem, I was cluttering my ViewSonic with a wall paper of yellow boxes. Although I could roll them up so that only the title showed, that defeats the purpose of having notes in your face.

If you're curious about sticky note apps in general, here is the blog post where I found out about Globonote: Microsoft Sticky Notes Alternatives

[Update, later that day...]

Globonote is awesome. A workaround exists to retrieve off-screen notes. In addition, the next release will add the ability to arrange windows. Whew!

Google can't always find the answers. The SourceForge Feature Request for Globonote had this snippet:

William Chan - 2020-10-02  

Will add an arrange visible notes in the next release. For now you can try to double click the note from note manager or search windows for 2 to 3 times, note will move beside the window

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