Ditto: The App that Made Me Go "Hmmmm..."

I was just talking to my friend, Mitch Mitchell, about clipboard replacement apps.

This is not going to be about clipboard replacement apps. Do your own research. LOL

No, what I want to mention is that I may have yet another tool in the Digital Diet arsenal. During our conversation, I noted that I used to use Quick Cliq then switched to Ditto. In the very next sentence, I said, "But I must not need it, because I never reinstalled it."

There. Try turning off a program or two and see if you can get by without it.

I've found this to be the case for quite a few apps. Taking inventory,  I'm living without Ditto, Visual Studio, ABBYY FineReader, NordVPN, Folder Colorizer and Bing Wallpaper.

As I typed the list, I realized that my changing work habits account for half: instead of ABBYY Finereader, I use Microsoft Edge to read PDFs; I'm not developing Windows apps right now, so no need for Visual Studio; NordVPN cause more problems than it solves. The other half represents visual eye candy or minor helpers that I can live without.

Try a software inventory. You might be surprised by what you're not missing.

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