789 Links From Workona Database (!)

I finally got around to parsing the Workona bookmarks. I had 789 bookmarks! I'm going to look at this list every day until I deal with each one. Some will be saved to Reader and given appropriate tags. Others will go in my TiddlyWiki for quick reference on Puzzles and KDP.

In a way, I think bookmarks are antiquated. If your browser has autocomplete enabled, that serves as a 1st-tier bookmarking service! I type the first letter or first few letters to reach frequently visited sites. Of course, I need to remember the different parts of the Amazon sites. Since I use Opera, I just add those to the browser's start page.

For everything else that I can't remember, I just use Google! If I want to retrieve a specific video, I usually start within YouTube. Oddly, that doesn't always work, especially if I'm hazy on details. In that case, it's back to Google.

I did save dozens of YouTube links, but I'm not sure how to deal with them, if they're not going to TiddlyWiki or Reader. My saved links on YouTube itself are as much of a mess as all other bookmarking efforts have been. I suppose I could just create a list titled "Educational", as that's better than maintaining an ad hoc list of links in a text file!

The actual processing of the Workona data export was easier than I thought it would be. The important title/url pairs are indented to the 17th column, so I just filtered for those rows. After doing a little clean-up using Microsoft's Power Query in Excel, I generated raw HTML links. Finally, I wrapped the links in paragraph tags and plopped the whole list between < HTML > and < /HTML > tags.

You want to know something funny? I never took my own advice when I wrote this article on my business blog: Just Stop Bookmarking! (What to Do, Instead)

I wrote it in 2017, when I was still using other tools to manage clutter.

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