Leaving Workona

I tried to submit my "exit interview" when I canceled my subscription but, the web page froze. Oh, well!

I have a habit of copying my responses before hitting the Submit button. So, here is my answer to "Why did you decide to cancel?"

I wasn't very organized. Collected too many tabs and turned Workona into an expensive Bookmark manager :(

Ironically, Workona made it too easy to save tabs, but not easy enough to retrieve them. The onus is on the user to have good organizational skills BEFORE starting with Workona.

Perhaps  I was trying to use Workona in ways it wasn't intended. It's a pretty solid piece of software that, perhaps, I never learned to fully exploit.

For reference, please know that I have taken to saving bookmarks in another (less expensive) tool: Readwise Reader. This makes more sense for my use cases, which include collecting random snippets from web pages for EASY retrieval.

Workona did teach me the value of Session-based focus, so I finally got around to exploring Opera Workspaces, which is free.

Best wishes for your continued growth and success. I appreciate all the times tech support helped me with features.

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